Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Journey Girl Travels… to the ends of the earth

Well, she travels to the tippy toe of England actually, Cornwall, which is hardly the ends of the earth; I don’t think the ends of the earth would have lovely things like butter-thick clotted cream, flaky-pastried pasties and Roskillys ice cream, would they? And this is my excuse for having been absent from the blogosphere this past week. Because the one and only bad thing about holidays is that the week before you head off to melt away your troubles and remember what it feels like to be a student with absolutely NOTHING to do (except with more to eat than a bowl of frozen peas and a kinder egg), you become so busy and so stressed, you inadvertently counteract any health benefits you are later hoping to enjoy.

But anyway, we are here, and I am supposed not to get all stressed about work right now so let's talk about happy things... Like Cornwall. Even so, yesterday (day 3 of our holiday), is the first time both of us felt truly relaxed. We were eating at the time of course, since much of our enjoyment does seem to stem from what we are currently shovelling down our gullets (see above). But we had just completed a blustery, quad-burning 5-mile walk from The Lizard to Kynance Cove and back, and therefore thoroughly deserved the subsequent sustenance of a massive doorstep cheese and ham sandwich (him) and a buttery JP with mature cheddar cheese (me) followed by a River Cottage steak and ale pie later that evening for tea.

I am currently writing this with a pot of tea, and a slice of toasted sourdough topped with butter and squashed banana, in a slate-floored kitchen, next to a rayburn, listening to the wind that appears to be trying to rattle off the roof tiles. I quite possible have never felt happier.

Here are a few highlights of our Cornish adventure (and I apologise for the photography skills, I keep meaning to get my sister to teach me how...)

So we stopped in Axminster at River Cottage's Canteen on the way. Will had the most amazeballs sausage sandwich which I secretly wished I'd had too. Instead I had poached eggs and mushrooms on toast which was also pretty darn good...

We arrived at our accommodation (the most picturesque little cottage on the top of a cliff with the sea one way, rolling fields the other) and decided that it was time we found the nearest pub, which was all the way down there at the bottom of that cove....

Inside, the locals were playing a Cornish card game called Euchre which I think is a bit like Trumps. We didn't join in the card playing (cards are also now forbidden for fear we garotte each other over a game of Black Jack), but we did join in the drinking, which made the journey back up the cliff face in the pitch black a lot easier than it rightfully should have been. 

Yesterday we walked from the Lizard to the little cafe at Kynance Cove where we rewarded our efforts with a coffee and a slice of carrot cake. Followed by the bargainous purchase of a box of England's most southerly eggs which had been left on the steps of a house right on the edge of the south-west coastal path. They were ours for the princely sum of £1.30.
They are seriously big eggs. Poor hens...
Right really need to get washed and dressed now. Can't be too studenty even if i am on holidays. Bye for now.xx

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  1. Sounds wonderful, Cate, chortle chortle! And wow, what a view from that cafe.