Monday, 3 March 2014

50 Shades of Neon

A couple of years ago I decided grey was my colour, and somehow ended up with 11 cardigans and jumpers all in varying shades of grey. It was the solution to all my wardrobe woes – they all went with denim, all went with black and white tops, and consequently getting dressed required no brain activity whatsoever. When my donkey-coloured cashmere cardi from Zara went all holey in the elbows last November, I popped down to Liberty, bought some black needle cord elbow patches and Bob’s your Uncle, I was back in the game. Then a couple of months ago mum said to me, “I’m fed up with seeing you in drab colours all the time. What’s wrong with you? Are you depressed?” Taking slight issue with the fact that my choice of clothing was supposed to directly correlate with my mental state, I did stop and realise that far from having mastered the art of the capsule wardrobe, I’d in fact got lazy and boring. So my New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to start wearing more colour and to wear those clothes that I saved for ‘special', every day. So number one purchase (because all paths lead to shopping) was a cobalt blue slouchy jumper from Hush. Good work. Then I found an old coral pink Breton stripe Reiss top languishing unloved and unused at the bottom of my jumper drawer and started wearing that. And actually, just with a couple of injections of colour in to my wardrobe, I did start to feel a little bit, I don’t know, bouncier. Then suddenly, this whole colour thing became totally out of control and before I knew it I’d bought a neon pink jacket from H&M. Whoah! When would this madness end? Well apparently, it wouldn’t. And despite the fact that my pasty March skin is most underprepared for such a turn of events, I’ve become incurably and inexplicably drawn to all things neon. First the panic set in. But then I realised that far from becoming an 80s throw back, I’d simply been brainwashed by the fashion industry who wanted me to want to buy all things neon. Phew, that’s ok, I thought, because when the weather is so grey and drab outside, perhaps a little bit of neon is just the ticket to stop me moaning about the absence of any heatwaves for a few weeks. So....

So I thought perhaps some highlighter pink in the bedroom and found the sheets above, £59, from Rockett St George (see top). I actually think this might be a good fluorescent compromise because with low lighting it wouldn’t require prolific application of Fake Bake.

Ok this may not be strictly Neon but I think it still counts. I actually bought this necklace from Wrap months ago, waited ages for it to arrive because I was on a waiting list (probably because at £28 it’s a bit of a bargain for a collar necklace), but then I had to send it back because it fell apart the first time I wore it (probably why other collar necklaces are a bit more expensive). But anyway, I forgave it for being faulty because I love it so much, and I’m now on another waiting list and apparently won’t get a replacement until May. I secretly had hoped it would also magically transform me into the woman who is modeling it, but I can confirm that this doesn’t actually happen people.

I quite fancy having a neon sign in my living room. I don’t really know why. Perhaps so that I could feel like I lived in some kind of trendy loft apartment in the packing district of New York rather than with my mum (another story). So I was going to show you a smart one I found on Notonthehighstreet. But then I found this for £40 on iwantoneofthose and thought of my big brother who is a total superhero nerd. I might buy this for him for his birthday. He’ll pretend it’s really for his boys, but will secretly love it and turn it on at night, and stand with his hands on his hips looking up at the sky with a little muscle twitching in his jaw.

I always like the idea of being one of those women who fly with ‘products’ that preserve their complexions during their flight so they emerge looking all sparkling and shiny haired. The best I do is traveling with a few Dermalogica samples that my friend gives me which I end up accidentally squirting all over the seat in front. To be honest, I’m not really sure flying to Belfast a couple of times a year with Easy Jet truly justifies the purchase of this Anya Hindmarch Neon In Flight bag, but it’s a snip at £150 from Net-a-Porter… ahem.

A new pair of Converse is actually on my spring wish list. These are currently 30% off at Luisa Varoma, so if it does turn out that buying them in fluorescent yellow was a BIG mistake, at £39 it won’t be such a big mistake, if you know what I mean…

I love Hush. With a new baby last November, their autumn/winter catalogue was definitely the most read book in our house. This fluro stripe tee, £35, is going to be my go to item for the 'I-just-threw-it-on-and-got-covered-in-baby-vomit' look that I’m going to rock this spring.

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